Safer School

Bradford District PRU has a formal agreement with West Yorkshire Police to work together in order to keep young people safe, reduce crime and the fear of crime and improve behaviour in school and our local community.

Our safer school’s officer does this by focusing on;

  • the safety of pupils, staff and the school site and surrounding area;
  • help for young people to deal with situations that may put them at risk of becoming victims of crime, bullying or intimidation, and to provide support to those who do;
  • focused enforcement to demonstrate that those who do offend cannot do so without facing consequences;
  • early identification, support and where necessary challenge of pupils involved in or at risk of offending;
  • improved standards of pupil behaviour and attendance, and less need for exclusions;
  • more positive relations between young people and the police and between young people and the wider community; and
  • effective approaches to issues beyond the school site that negatively impact on pupil safety and behaviour.


Most importantly is that our SSP works with parents/carers when our students make mistakes; he can offer a flexible approach in keeping all safe and preventing crime.


PC Thomas Dyson;

Is a full-time serving Police Officer who works full-time within our school and can assist students and carers in the following areas;

  • providing professional advice, on a one to one basis if requested, to pupils and staff;
  • supporting the school to deal with incidents and repair harm;
  • support for appropriate information sharing across all partners and as appropriate with parents or carers;
  • agreeing and implementing strategies to support challenging or vulnerable young people;
  • contributing to wider crime prevention objectives and police supporting schools as part of overall neighbourhood policing work;
  • working with local agencies engaged in the protection, safeguarding and wellbeing of young people which might include local authority child protection teams, education welfare officers and attendance officers, children’s health services, child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), youth offending teams and other youth services, local fire service and local voluntary and community groups.


Students, parents and District PRU feel safer and know that our SSP will;

  • assist in resolving conflict
  • they can learn and attend school in safety
  • avoid being drawn into crime
  • reduce youth crime and deal with any issue at an early stage in school
  • build relationships with students, parents/carers and the local community


Most importantly;

  • PC T Dyson runs a four-week Summer School along with a number of staff and volunteers. This includes a variety of reward trips for those students who find the six-week break a difficult period with little structured time.  It is specifically aimed to provide our students with ‘trusted adults’ and access to school in the holidays.