Connexions Bradford is the local support service for all young people aged 13–19, and up to 25 if they have learning difficulties and disabilities.

Connexions provides an additional intensive service for all students in year 11 at Bradford District PRU to assist in the process of transferring to Further Education or training.   Connexions offer young people advice, guidance and support on a range of issues such as education, training, jobs, money and lifestyle decisions, to help them make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life.

All young people meet a Connexions Personal Adviser who will offer practical support, advice and guidance on many issues including: education, careers, work and training, health, housing, money and benefits, volunteering, development opportunities and leisure.


District PRU commissions an additional service and a Connexions Advisor works with groups of our students throughout the year with the vital preparation they need for interviews, applications forms and comping information into their Curriculum Vitae.

The range and depth of support will vary according to the needs of the young person at the time. This could include:

– Help in making options choices or applying for further or higher education
– Help in finding work or training opportunities
– Support in school/college to ensure a they complete their course
– Advice on funding whilst at school or college
– Advice about spare time activities that could help develop skills
– Help with benefits or childcare issues
– Advice and support on housing or issues like health or drugs which would affect their ability to study, train or work.


The service has been tremendously successful in raising the participation and engagement of students over the last three years.

The Bradford District PRU 2016/2017 Year 11 at 3rd of November 2017

In Learning: 69 82.1%   Other Categories: 15 17.9%
Sixth form course 0 0.0% Employment without full training/study 9 10.7%
College course 56 66.7% Part-time education/job only 0 0.0%
Training course 11 13.1% NEET 6 7.1%
Apprenticeship 2 2.4% Not known/moved away 0 0.0%
Employment with full training/study 0 0.0% Refugee/asylum seeker not in education/training 0 0.0%
Year 11 Total 84


The Bradford District PRU 2015/2016 Year 11 at 6th of November 2016

In Learning:   72 79.1% Other Categories: 19 20.9%
Sixth form course Sixth Form 1 1.1% Employment without accredited training 10 11.0%
College course College 49 53.8% Part-time education/job 0 0.0%
Training (not employed) Training (not




NEET 8 8.8%
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship 2 2.2% Not known/moved away 1 1.1%
Employment with accredited training Employed

with training

0 0.0% Refugee/asylum seeker 0 0.0%
Year 11 Total 91


 The Bradford District PRU 2014/2015 Year 11 at 7th of November 2015


In Learning:   70 76.1% Other Categories: 22 23.9%
Sixth form course Sixth Form 2 2.2% Employment without accredited training 2 2.2%
College course College 47 51.1% Part-time education/job 0 0.0%
Training (not employed) Training (not
18 19.6% NEET 16 17.4%
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship 0 0.0% Not known 0 0.0%
Employment with accredited training Employed
with training
3 3.3% Moved away or in custody or refugee/asylum seeker 4 4.3%
Year 11 Total   92