About Us:

SkillForce is a national education charity that is dedicated to helping young people flourish through motivational mentoring and proven programmes tailored to students’ needs. SkillForce helps young people develop aspirations, self confidence, resilience and character – skills for life and work.

Our mission is to inspire children and young people to see their uniqueness and cherish it, believe in their potential and realise it, and value opportunities and seize them. SkillForce is rooted in the core principles of courage, dedication, dependability, discipline, loyalty, resilience, respect and selflessness.


SkillForce’s greatest asset and defining strength is its team of Instructors, most of whom have served their country in the Armed Forces and are now committed to serving their communities as mentors and coaches for the next generation. In particular, our Instructors are able to offer;


Our instructors possess a wealth of life experience which enables them to embrace fresh challenges confidently and wisely. They are proven team-players with a ‘can-do’ attitude who are used to decision-making, motivating others and reflecting on practice.


Our instructors bring with them former training as well as the specific qualifications required to undertake their roles within SkillForce. All are cleared through Enhanced DBS Disclosure and are trained in First Aid.


Our instructors are grounded in the core values and ethos of the Forces – courage, dedication, dependability, discipline, loyalty, resilience, respect and selflessness. We believe that these are the fundamentals for human flourishing and responsible citizenship.


Our instructors recognise the importance of providing young people with positive role models who can serve as mentors and exemplars – not only to encourage and advise, but also to help them to aspire and achieve.


Our instructors work alongside teachers and other educators in the interests of the students. Through mentoring and activity-based learning within the classroom and off-site, they work alongside young people to build self-esteem and raise achievement

Curriculum Offer:

SkillForce at present are delivering NCFE level 1 Diploma for Entry to the Uniformed Services programme at Belle Vue Barracks.

The NCFE Level 1 Diploma for Entry to the Uniformed services is a course designed for those who are interested in a career in any uniformed service.

Throughout the programme the students will:

  • Investigate employment opportunities
  • Understanding the importance of wellbeing and physical fitness
  • Improve and develop their team working and problem solving skills
  • Develop their self discipline
  • Carry out map reading and navigation
  • Develop knowledge about health safety and emergency care – First aid
  • Participate in competitive sports
  • Participate in adventurous activities

Embedded in all our provision are the core values and life skills that enable young people to reach their potential whilst making a constructive contribution to society.

Alongside the qualification, there is an emphasis on engaging the students through practical activities, improving their teamwork, leadership and decision making skills.

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Miles Curtis

Belle Vue Barracks
Drill Parade

Website: www.skillforce.org

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