Outclassed: The Kids Excluded from School

Outclassed: The Kids Excluded from School

Following a National Conference on Alternative Provision that was attended by staff from District PRU, we were invited by the BBC to take part in a documentary on students excluded from mainstream education.  Whilst the programme focused on aspects of the ‘bigger picture’ nationally we were proud of the staff and students that were interviewed and the highly positive experiences that they describe in being able access a curriculum tailored for their needs following joining our school community.  Students study at the PRU combines both core curriculum subjects and a variety of vocational offers.

BBC radio 4

Reporter: Adrian Goldberg

Producer: Alys Harte.

File on 4

Over 300,000 children were excluded from school in England and Wales last year – almost 6 thousand of them permanently.

Many of these children will end up in “alternative provision”, sometimes known as pupil referral units (PRUs) – schools for kids that the mainstream can’t handle.

But five years on from the Taylor Review, a report that found ‘a flawed system’ that failed to provide good education and accountability for ‘some of the most vulnerable children in the country’ – has anything really changed?

File on 4 hears allegations of a system under pressure; of illegal exclusions, ‘missing kids’ and how some schools are controversially manipulating league tables through ‘managed moves’.

We also hear from whistle-blowers from one school who claim an overburdened system and a rise of referrals of kids with extreme and complex needs have led to an increase in the use of physical restraint to manage escalating violent behaviour in classrooms.”