School Ethos

Bradford District PRU Ethos

All members of staff will contribute through:

Open, positive, supportive relationships where children and young people know that they are listened to.

Promoting a climate in which children and young people feel safe and secure.

Modelling behaviour, which promotes effective learning and wellbeing within the school community.

Staff are sensitive and responsive to each child or young person’s wellbeing.


Students and Parents will contribute through:

Students are encouraged to contribute to the life and work of the school and, from the earliest stages, to exercise their responsibilities as members of a community.

This includes opportunities to participate responsibly in decision-making, to contribute as leaders and role models, to offer support and service to others and to play an active part in putting the values of the school into practice.

Students are prepared to continue their journey that learning is lifelong; we expect them to be active citizens. We promote student independence in the following 4 areas;

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors


We work together to:

Reviewing student learning and planning for their next steps.

Provide access to learning activities which will meet their needs.

Plan for opportunities for personal achievement.

Prepare for changes and choices and be supported through changes and choices.